Get Warmed UP!

How was that relentless rain for the past week?  Half of my road washed away on the mountain I live in out in the country!  It did give me some time to get my ONLINE bookings up and running however.  There was a few transaction fee issues but I can now assure you this is ALL sorted so when you do book online you will not get charged a transaction fee – promise!

I really do want to encourage online bookings as it will tell me if the casual classes are full or not so I can monitor numbers as  classes are capped.  It’s also alot faster and easier for all!  You can also book Term 3 Thurs class on there too.  This has now been changed to a 10 week Term.  Making the ongoing structure alot easier.  The 10 weeks will run with 1 week in between, breaking for 4 weeks over Xmas to commence again with a 5 week New Year Term in 2015 around the middle of Jan.

For returning Term students I have applied a $10 discount so instead of the $275 it will be $265.  You will have this option in the Online booking schedule.  Just go to the Classes tab and click on ‘ONLINE BOOKINGS’ – this will take you to an external site where you can easily register through your Facebook account.

I also have a new instructor assisting me with the Thurs term classes!  Gabriel is from Argentina and has been teaching Aerials for over 8 years.  His English is fantastic and he knows so many beautiful poses!  Watch this space for a write up on Gabriel :)

In the meantime – keep up with those pull ups, sit ups and crunches, while I get your Student Handbooks all ready within the next couple of weeks – it will be really great for you to monitor your progression with moves.

Lots of people have been asking for a ‘Before Silks’ shot & a ‘Now Silks’ shot – so here you go!  I came from not having done any solid exercise for 2 years! Check me on the dance floor!  Eyes closed – booze in hand…  Now 2 ½ years into it my strength has surely built…

beforeafter (2)

Aracnation Aerial Entertainment

Caci Clinic 20th AnniversaryTalk about an ADRENALINE rush!  Life in this modern circus world is really worth living.  We just provided an Aerial Silks Act for Caci Clinic’s 20th Anniversary Event and a Roving Contortion Act for Scarles (Performance car parts) New Store opening.  Lighting, Costume, Hair & Make up, Rigging – the WORKS!   As well as teaching Aerial Silks we also provide Aerial Silks as Entertainment… we aren’t only limited to Silks – we have entertainers that can perform on the Lyra (Hoop), Straps & just about any apparatus you name!  We can also do ground acro, adagio, acro yoga, contortion, dancing, promotions & party starting!  Put it this way we are FUN and enjoy making anyone smile or even drop their jaw.

We are based in Auckland but can travel anywhere throughout the country for your corporate event, private event or festival.  Whangarei, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington, Gisborne, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Nelson, Dunedin, Christchurch, Queenstown… the list is endless!  Hey – if it’s overseas too, we can organise that.  Nothing is too big or small for us.

Check out our Entertainment page for our rapidly growing portfolio!

Term 2 Structure

silksBookings are officially open for Term 2 / there is 6 spots in beginners & 6 spots in intermediate / 8 week term is $220 for 1.5 hour silks class starting Thurs 8th May 7:00 – 8:30 – classes are well structured and we want to see you shine and be the best you can possibly be!!! Contact Jasmine at or 021 739 962 to book your spot!!!

Jasmine will be taking the beginners and Didj is taking the more intermediate group.  We will be tracking your progress throughout the term to ensure you are getting the tricks perfected before moving onto the next one.

We are planning on having an end of year performance at the end of Term 4 for you to showcase a routine to your friends and family – just to show them that you aren’t ‘just hanging from curtains!’

Introducing… Didj Wentworth!!!

It has been extremely hard keeping this guy under wraps for the past couple of weeks… But… he has arrived!!!  Here to shake up the Auckland and New Zealand Aerial Entertainment, Performing Arts & Fitness industries.

Didj is Australian born and been involved in Circus Arts for 10 years.  He has performed and taught Aerial Silks, Rope & Straps.  His main focus is straps and his act is full of presence and power.

didj 7 didjDidj will be teaching intermediate and beyond Aerial Silks and will be running Straps workshops.  He is also available for private lessons!  I am so happy to have this sort of spectacular talent here in Auckland – Didj is warm, patient, funny and a true professional.  Not to mention his skill on the straps is quite something…

We are moving into a Term structure – this is far more beneficial for a consistent Aerial Silks program.  Term 2 commences on Monday 5th May.  I am now taking bookings for the 8 week course in Aerial Silks.  More info to follow!

Ok, I know you want to know more about Didj… He has performed and toured with shows such as La Clique, Soap, King Kong Live on Stage, Circle of Eleven, Film Master Events, Hurjaruuth Dance Theatre, Battle royal & more.

If anyone has been to La Clique or Soap, the bathtub scenes surely have left an imprint in my mind!  There is just something about bathtubs, straps and water!!!  Check Didj’s background below…

‘Didj began his training at the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2004 with aerial coach Helene Embling.  After only a year of training Corde Lisse, Didj’s passion for the theatre & performance art had inspired him to become a Professional Circus Artist. Over the next 3 years he received personal coaching under renowned trainer Mr. Guang Rong Lu & his decision to specialize in aerial straps became apparent.

Leaning away from the traditional Chinese straps in which he was taught, Didj trained with various aerial specialists from around the world. By integrating skills from several different aerial apparatus, Didj has created a unique straps vocabulary that focuses on seamless transitions between skills. It is this perspective that has created the accomplished Straps artist and world class performer we find today.

With an unmistakable style, he draws on inspiration from music, dance and street art, to create acts both exhilarating & edgy. Didj pushes the physical boundaries with a sleek performance that demands your attention’.

Didj’s classes surely are going to fill up quickly!  Here are some more visuals to feast your eyes upon and click on the link below to view him in action!

Didj Wentworth – Aerial Straps

didj 3didj 5





Kelly Horne Workshop

insta 1 (2)insta2 (3)

I have to say I was so impressed with Kelly’s knowledge, professionalism & confidence with Aerial Silks!  The 2 hour workshop yesterday was held at Aracnation’s new venue: Ley’s Institute Gymnasium in St Marys Bay.  It was extremely fun and the time just flew by!  Kelly was well prepared and her confidence just made all the students so quick to learn new moves and drops.

Kelly loved every minute of it and was also so happy to have such strong and able students to teach!  She loved the energy we all had and even though some of us weren’t feeling 100% we still showed up for the love of Aerial Silks…  see her #regram above!

Here is what Teresa had to say about the workshop:

Amy and I were impressed with Kelly and we learnt so much valuable stuff to put towards our routines!!!

Jean and Ness were so thankful and thought

Kelly was GREAT and just can’t wait to practice more doubles

Aracnation is super proud to be bringing this sort of Aerial Instruction to New Zealand!  Stay tuned for more workshops…

Rogue Silks

The end of last year had me scaling the Auckland Viaduct Harbour sign and rigging my silks!  Silks sister: Ness Sharpe and I played around for a couple of hours – we had alot of toots and hollers from cars passing by… I had been eying up that sign all year and decided to just go and do it!  It was super fun and I am on the look out for the next silks rigging platform. Ah haaa  I am taking ideas from anyone – so if you have a bridge, sign or anything you think I can rig silks from let me know!

I have since added a few more performances to my experience too – I opened for the ‘Miss Pole Dance NZ 2013′ competition in Wellington, did silks off the Puhoi Bridge for the locals, silks showcase at the Orewa Boulevard Festival 2014 and performed exclusively at a private birthday party.  I will say it again “I love to fly”!  The adrenaline and the audiences reaction is what makes it so enjoyable :)

I want to also personally invite you to join my aerial fitness classes here in Auckland central.  I have a magnificent instructor from Argentina who has extensive knowledge of Aerial silks.  I am also teaching the basics!  We both thrive on structured learning and changing people’s lives.  Aracnation represents the inner strength, beauty, fearlessness, creativity and determination found in all of us.

Turn your flying dreams into reality and come along for a half hour trial class – only $5 each when you and 2 friends come along!

Jasmine xx

Roll on up 2014!

Well today it’s Christmas… nearly the end of 2013!  I must say it surely has been a trying year…  My Aerial Silks have been my rock, my enjoyment in times of extreme frustration!!  2014 is bringing change and my happiness is no. 1 – Starting with my home environment… Good country living with some good people…

But my main focus is that I will be soaring Aerial Fitness to new heights and am so excited about this step change.  It will take Aerial Silks to the NEK LEVEL! Yahooooo, time to drop the bomb, bassline or whatever floats your boat!
1 of my values is to follow my heart.  I feel this year my heart has been out in the cold a little, my master plan was just not working so I have altered it for the better.  I get solid enjoyment from training, performing and getting stronger and better every-day.  My happiness is who I am, without it I have no balance…  With this clear focus for 2014 – the pay-off will sure be heavenly.
Here’s to Heaven on Earth & and a Cranking New Year with sweet treats in-store for the High Flyers!

It all starts in Puhoi

Well all I can say is WOW – that was absolutely phenomenal!  I am still completely buzzing from my performance at the Puhoi Hall last night.  It was about time I updated you on the aerial feeling… and as my laptop had a major breakdown and underwent heart surgery (got the hard drive replaced) I have been lacking in the technology space… But back now and faster than ever!

I performed last night at the Puhoi Hall’s yearly dance fundraiser – this year being extra special as Puhoi is celebrating their 150th Anniversary!  With the theme being Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves and Clowns (yup bit random – but that’s what Puhoi is!!) I started off being a bag lady/gypsy fortune teller and ended as a circus performer… the metamorphosing was mega fun!!

I honestly don’t think words can explain how awesome this made me feel!  The adrenalin was such a rush and it was still pumping hard hours after..  the timing all just seemed to work perfectly and I was just super happy to be up there!  Bring it Puhoi!  150 years of settlement and I am super proud to be a part of the celebrations.  The Hall brings back so many memories ranging from playing badminton, burning sausage rolls, limbo champion! to sneaking round the back for my first swig of beer (Lion Red of course!)

The support I had whilst performing was immense and I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to rock it to!  From Bohemian Dancing to Aerial Dancing…

Click on the link below to view the performance!

Aerial Silks Performance at the Puhoi Hall Annual Fundraiser – September 2013 to ‘Aqualung’ – Jethro Tull


The Aerial Bibles

With my Silks obsession I just want to keep learning more the most cost effective way possible!  From extensive online research I have found these manuals to be the best available.
Aerial Books by Rebekah Leach found at www.aerialdancing.comRebekah is from California, US – she has performed all over the country extending to Russia and taught back in the US.  She has implemented a curriculum designed for all ages, emphasising on adults to explore dancing in the air!

Her books have little tips in them that just help you perfect that move you have been trying to get but couldn’t quite understand the right part of the body to engage.

These manuals have helped me extensively – way more fun with a friend yelling out the instructions to you!  What is also awesome is that Rebekah stresses to not let a book or a list define your creativity – we can discover our own movements and let the ideas flow…

My favourites are drops!  Just love dropping!  The reason for this being is that I face a lot of emotions when I do these.  Fear being the first, then trust and anger.   Emotions that we adults tend to shy away from.  Facing these emotions constantly brings more inner strength to the helm.  If I am not getting something I know it’s time to get feisty with the fabric.  When the move is complete I feel success that ‘I did it!’ so in the end it’s Joy!

 In the 2nd manual  – it’s main focus is on drops (with loads of different names but are all so pretty!)  I have written down all the moves that I know, this helps when pulling together a routine.  Next on the cards is a promo vid – roll on up!  Also I just have to mention that I am super thrilled to have Coco The Clown following me on twitter x

Beautiful People

Wow – my training has just reached new levels!  I am so much more determined I have been going hard at home working on getting washboard abs… if I can achieve them I would be totally stoked with myself.  Let’s hope I don’t start doing press ups in public places just to show off!  I can hold a plank for a minute… yeah!  Last week I learnt the ‘nappy lock’ and a baby drop that goes with it (no I do not put a baby in the silks!) – big ups to Rebecca Bilyard on this move… there are so many moves that come from this lock so I am thrilled to have it in my head space – locked and loaded..I met an awesome Canadian student that came into class – I was like – whoa you’re muscly, what do you do to work out?  And she answered – ‘ride horses’ hmmm then after further discussion I found she was over on holiday from Australia where she is touring with a show called ‘Cavalia’ – I looked it up online and OMFG – AMAZING!!  Shame they aren’t coming here – this show would blow our minds!  She said a lot of the performers in it train on silks for muscle building… So nice to meet you Becs and thanks for your insightful knowledge.

What I love about this is meeting such inspiring people that I would one day love to collaborate with!  They are so aware and in touch with their talents!  Learning about peoples journeys and finding out what got them to where they are today is such a passion of mine and I get such a kick out of meeting BEAUTIFUL people with BEAUTIFUL souls to match.  Honest, caring, relentless and just know that they are magical… here’s to beauty!