Beautiful People

Wow – my training has just reached new levels!  I am so much more determined I have been going hard at home working on getting washboard abs… if I can achieve them I would be totally stoked with myself.  Let’s hope I don’t start doing press ups in public places just to show off!  I can hold a plank for a minute… yeah!  Last week I learnt the ‘nappy lock’ and a baby drop that goes with it (no I do not put a baby in the silks!) – big ups to Rebecca Bilyard on this move… there are so many moves that come from this lock so I am thrilled to have it in my head space – locked and loaded..I met an awesome Canadian student that came into class – I was like – whoa you’re muscly, what do you do to work out?  And she answered – ‘ride horses’ hmmm then after further discussion I found she was over on holiday from Australia where she is touring with a show called ‘Cavalia’ – I looked it up online and OMFG – AMAZING!!  Shame they aren’t coming here – this show would blow our minds!  She said a lot of the performers in it train on silks for muscle building… So nice to meet you Becs and thanks for your insightful knowledge.

What I love about this is meeting such inspiring people that I would one day love to collaborate with!  They are so aware and in touch with their talents!  Learning about peoples journeys and finding out what got them to where they are today is such a passion of mine and I get such a kick out of meeting BEAUTIFUL people with BEAUTIFUL souls to match.  Honest, caring, relentless and just know that they are magical… here’s to beauty!