Core Belief

So I thought I would start with a bit of a collage so you can capture my progress thus far.  As you will be able to see I slowly become more fit!  Aerial Silks is an all over body workout – even your fingers and hands build muscle… I have captioned the pics with some of the moves I have learnt – believe me there is so many!  I get the biggest kick out of learning drops – scary but so exhilarating.
Big shout out to my trainers Amy Richardson-Impey and Ebon Grayman – both totally amazing performers with endless patience!  I must say hard-boiled eggs are an excellent strength building food…
I locked in Monday nights for training, then progressing to a second day on the weekend – doing more of what makes me happy! All the while stretching – oww and conditioning at home.  Often a struggle at home due to the easier option of relaxing.
As my love grew for this my mind became clearer and more focused.  The sheer presence needed for silks is so important because 1 wrong move could mean INJURY!  In one of my first classes I thought I would give the Lyra (hoop) a go.  As I jumped off I looked down and my big toe was totally bent!  I said to Amy ‘That doesn’t look right aye?’ – she was like ‘um does it hurt’?! No?!  I thought ‘I don’t have time to go to A & E’ so with the encouragement of my classmates I yanked it back into place – hardcore!!  Was bruised for a few weeks after and thought I had better just focus on the silks.  Over time I realised I have to dance to get the blood flowing, to stay healthy and well balanced (YES! even round the lounge…) – typical Libran!