It all starts in Puhoi

Well all I can say is WOW – that was absolutely phenomenal!  I am still completely buzzing from my performance at the Puhoi Hall last night.  It was about time I updated you on the aerial feeling… and as my laptop had a major breakdown and underwent heart surgery (got the hard drive replaced) I have been lacking in the technology space… But back now and faster than ever!

I performed last night at the Puhoi Hall’s yearly dance fundraiser – this year being extra special as Puhoi is celebrating their 150th Anniversary!  With the theme being Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves and Clowns (yup bit random – but that’s what Puhoi is!!) I started off being a bag lady/gypsy fortune teller and ended as a circus performer… the metamorphosing was mega fun!!

I honestly don’t think words can explain how awesome this made me feel!  The adrenalin was such a rush and it was still pumping hard hours after..  the timing all just seemed to work perfectly and I was just super happy to be up there!  Bring it Puhoi!  150 years of settlement and I am super proud to be a part of the celebrations.  The Hall brings back so many memories ranging from playing badminton, burning sausage rolls, limbo champion! to sneaking round the back for my first swig of beer (Lion Red of course!)

The support I had whilst performing was immense and I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to rock it to!  From Bohemian Dancing to Aerial Dancing…

Click on the link below to view the performance!

Aerial Silks Performance at the Puhoi Hall Annual Fundraiser – September 2013 to ‘Aqualung’ – Jethro Tull