Rogue Silks

The end of last year had me scaling the Auckland Viaduct Harbour sign and rigging my silks!  Silks sister: Ness Sharpe and I played around for a couple of hours – we had alot of toots and hollers from cars passing by… I had been eying up that sign all year and decided to just go and do it!  It was super fun and I am on the look out for the next silks rigging platform. Ah haaa  I am taking ideas from anyone – so if you have a bridge, sign or anything you think I can rig silks from let me know!

I have since added a few more performances to my experience too – I opened for the ‘Miss Pole Dance NZ 2013’ competition in Wellington, did silks off the Puhoi Bridge for the locals, silks showcase at the Orewa Boulevard Festival 2014 and performed exclusively at a private birthday party.  I will say it again “I love to fly”!  The adrenaline and the audiences reaction is what makes it so enjoyable 🙂

I want to also personally invite you to join my aerial fitness classes here in Auckland central.  I have a magnificent instructor from Argentina who has extensive knowledge of Aerial silks.  I am also teaching the basics!  We both thrive on structured learning and changing people’s lives.  Aracnation represents the inner strength, beauty, fearlessness, creativity and determination found in all of us.

Turn your flying dreams into reality and come along for a half hour trial class – only $5 each when you and 2 friends come along!

Jasmine xx