The Aerial Bibles

With my Silks obsession I just want to keep learning more the most cost effective way possible!  From extensive online research I have found these manuals to be the best available.
Aerial Books by Rebekah Leach found at www.aerialdancing.comRebekah is from California, US – she has performed all over the country extending to Russia and taught back in the US.  She has implemented a curriculum designed for all ages, emphasising on adults to explore dancing in the air!

Her books have little tips in them that just help you perfect that move you have been trying to get but couldn’t quite understand the right part of the body to engage.

These manuals have helped me extensively – way more fun with a friend yelling out the instructions to you!  What is also awesome is that Rebekah stresses to not let a book or a list define your creativity – we can discover our own movements and let the ideas flow…

My favourites are drops!  Just love dropping!  The reason for this being is that I face a lot of emotions when I do these.  Fear being the first, then trust and anger.   Emotions that we adults tend to shy away from.  Facing these emotions constantly brings more inner strength to the helm.  If I am not getting something I know it’s time to get feisty with the fabric.  When the move is complete I feel success that ‘I did it!’ so in the end it’s Joy!

 In the 2nd manual  – it’s main focus is on drops (with loads of different names but are all so pretty!)  I have written down all the moves that I know, this helps when pulling together a routine.  Next on the cards is a promo vid – roll on up!  Also I just have to mention that I am super thrilled to have Coco The Clown following me on twitter x