You are NEVER too old

So I want to keep it all fresh and in the present!  I have given you my background of how I got into Aerial Silks – now I want to let you know what awesome things are happening for me right now…  I suppose you could say I’m cultivating.  I have locked in my training schedule and my focus is on learning a new move at each class, whilst building my whole core from within.  I have a routine that I am perfecting.  2014 goal is to have another routine by the end of the year.  Understanding what drives me brings a whole new dimension to my way of living.  Circus life is MAGICAL!I have found an article around silks you might find interesting… 1 thought that plays on my mind is my age!!  I have always been active and know the importance of being fit and exercise is for your overall health.  Pretty sure I’m the granny of the class – hey better late than never I say to myself and get on up and climb!  Soon enough I’m having as much fun as I did on a swing when I was a kid totally immersing myself in the activity.  I have found this inspiring article on ‘Wonder woman’ – Toni Bark – she is 52 and does Silks!  So it doesn’t matter what age you are – you can do this.  What an awesome woman.  I can relate so much to loving the feeling of weightlessness.
 “Things don’t just come your way and happen; you make them happen,” she says. “Go out and seek adventure, knowledge, wisdom, fun.”